Virtual Physiotherapy

How it works

We are able to help patients with physiotherapy consultations online. This affords a convenient and safe means of assessing and treating patients remotely.

Moving to virtual physiotherapy can put you in much more control of your own recovery and research has shown that outcomes can be as good through remote video consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system. It does have some advantages too:

  • The convenience of accessing expert advice whenever and wherever suits you.
  • Quick assessment post-injury.
  • Research studies show that this form of assessment and treatment can be just as effective as in-person appointments.
  • Studies show patient satisfaction is equal to if not greater than other traditional methods.
  • Meet with your physiotherapist as often as necessary.


During your physiotherapy consultation, you will be assessed, given advice and guided through your exercises. We can then send your exercises to you by email to continue until your next appointment and during your rehabilitation. You will be able to access physiotherapy using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Making an appointment

It is very easy to make an appointment, please simply use the online booking link below, phone or email us and we will arrange a date and time. We can support most platforms for online consultations. Each consultation costs £58.00 and payment can be made by bank transfer. Most medical insurance companies cover virtual physiotherapy consultations but please check before booking.

We look forward to seeing you online.

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